<h1 class="featured">Advancing Lumber Construction With Engineered Wood Products </h1><p class="snippit">The use of lumber and wood products in construction is on the rise as homebuilders and homebuyers see the environmental and economical benefits of...<br><br> <a class="featuredLink" href="http://hawaiilumber.com/2015-vol1-art2.php">....more</a></p> <h1 class="featured">Construction Set<br/>to Drive Hawaii’s<br/> Economy</h1><p class="snippit">Construction has been one of the hardest hit industries since the economic downturn of 2008/2009, but it has also been on a steady rebound over the last...<br><br> <a class="featuredLink" href="http://hawaiilumber.com/eblast/2014/cont/2014-q3.php">....more</a></p> <h1 class="featured">Supporting<br> HLPA through Membership</h1><p class="snippit">As the best choice of any building material in Hawaii, wood and lumber have proven to be the superior residential building material and withstood the test of time here in our islands.   Established in 2003, the Hawaii Lumber Products Association (HLPA) is...<br><br> <a class="featuredLink" href="information.php">...more</a></p> <h1 class="featured">Environmental Benefits</h1><p class="snippit">Wood is the ultimate Green building material and is so, not only because it’s the only naturally renewable building material, but because it actually helps the environment. <br><br> <a class="featuredLink" href="benifits.php">...more</a></p>